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Storage Box Supplies & Packing Equipment

Packing Supplies & Equipment

Fort Knox Storage can supply packing boxes to meet any storage need. With a range of Removal boxes, such as Porta Robes, T chest, Book boxes for heavier items such as Crockery and Cutlery , Flat packs, 500 cube,300 cube and much more. We also stock Protective wrapping material such as Bubble Wrap, Tissue paper, Butchers paper, Corrugated cardboard for the ultimate protection while you goods are in storage. All of our  self storage locations stock a range of essential packaging supplies including heavy duty padlocks for your Storage Unit. Whether you are moving house, renovating or decluttering your home or office Fort Knox Storage can provide all your packaging needs.

With a simple online enquiry you can organise all your packing requirements. If you are not sure what packaging items to order, then access our Packing Supplies Checklist and complete our Packaging Supplies Order Form for easy selection and ordering.

Some Fort Knox Moving and Removal Boxes and Supplies include:

Standard Tea Chest

Large Boxes – Tea Chest

Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 400mm

The tea chest box is large enough to pack items such as clothing, bedding, pillows and toys. The box is double strength, making it suitable for larger items. Being heavy duty also means it’s durable and suitable for moving, long term storage and will not deteriorate over a short period of time. Find out More

Book Box

Small Boxes – Book & Wine

Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 300mm

Small light boxes are suitable for moving or storing multiple small to medium items. These boxes are good for moving books and similar items and less suitable for storing fragile items such as crockery & cutlery. Find out More

Cube Carton Box

Cube Cartons – 500 mm

Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 500mm

The 500 mm cube carton is suitable for moving and storing larger items such as computers, electrical appliances and large fragile goods. Being large enough to fit a computer monitor makes the cube carton versatile enough to move and store such large item with ease. The box is also suitable for shipping worldwide and within Australia. Find out More

Port - A - 

Robe + Rail

Port - A - Robe + Rail

Dimensions: 1100 x 600 x 500mm

Moving clothing couldn’t be easier with an all in one Port - A - Robe that allows for items to be neatly stored or moved. Moving clothing can involve a lot of folding and organising but with a portable wardrobe clothes can simply be hung and moved directly in the Port-A-Robe. This cardboard wardrobe box comes complete with a handy rail to hang clothing. Find out More

Picture and Mirror Carton

Picture Cartons

Dimensions: 1050 x 800 x 80mm

Picture cartons are suitable for moving and storing small and medium sized pictures, table tops, paintings or mirrors. A strong single layer cardboard box makes protecting, moving and storing such items an ease. Find out More


and Wine Boxes

Wine Cartons + Inserts

Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 180mm

For moving and storing bottles such as wine. Fort Knox Storage can supply handy inserts to accommodate and cushion wine bottles. Find out More

Safe Spot Box

Safe Spot Box

Dimensions: 430 x 400 x 300mm

Making sure essential and important items are not lost during moving the safe spot box ensures it is last on and first off the moving truck. This speciality box is suitable for items such as kettle, furniture screws, assembly tools, remote controls and first aid kits. Find out More

Flat Pack box

Flat Packs

Dimensions: 900 x 500 x 330mm

This box is suitable for any items that need to be stored horizontally and cannot be stacked on top of each other. Flat Packs are the ideal Box for delicate garments such as Wedding Dresses and any other large garments that you prefer to pack laying them out flat.. Find out More

Archive Storage Box

Archive Boxes

Archive boxes are exceptionally durable and easily stackable making long term storage and moving easy. The archive box doesn’t require packing tape and can be easily accessed at anytime. The all purpose durable archive box is suitable for long term use to store business or personal files, documents and records. Find out More

Clear Tape

Packing Tape

Securing any type of box for storage or removal is nearly impossible without the use of packing tape. Fort Knox can supply clear durable packing tape to secure cardboard boxes for moving or storing. Find out More

Fragile Packing Tape

Fragile Packaging Tape

Packing tape printed with “Fragile handle with care” for all types of boxes that contain items such as crockery and ornaments. Fragile packing tape is exceptionally adhesive and has low deterioration suitable for long moves and storage. Find out More

Fragile Packing Tape

Fragile Sticker

Such a great option to fragile tape as you can place the sticker on as you go without having to change to Tapes in the Applicator.. Find out More

750mm and 1500mm Bubblewrap

Bubble Wrap per metre - .75 wide

Packing materials can be essential for storing or moving bulky or breakable items. 0.75m wide bubble wrap is suitable for safely moving or storing smaller fragile items. Find out More

1500mm Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap per metre - 1.5 wide

Packing materials for larger items can include 1.5m wide bubble wrap, that can protect any large fragile or breakable item during storage or moving. Find out More

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

Dimensions: 2 m x 1.2 m

An environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap and a great way to protect TVs and other bulking, valuable, goods. Find out More

45mm Lock

Locks - 45 mm

When using a storage facility it is essential all items are secure, Fort Knox Storage can provide locks such as 45ml padlocks for extra security. Find out More

40 mm Lock

Locks - 40 mm

For small self storage units Fort Knox can provide a 40 ml padlock will ensure all items inside are safe and secure. Find out More

Mattress Protector

Mattress Protectors – King/Queen/Single

Mattresses can be expensive, since you can’t put a price on comfort. It is essential save any King or Queen mattress from moisture or marking during moving or storage. A King or Queen mattress cover for moving can do just that and ensure no damage happens to any mattress. Find out More

Furniture Blanket

Furniture Blanket

Dimensions: 3500 x 1800mm

Furniture blankets can protect your furniture from damage, stains or moisture whilst in transit or storage. Furniture covers are tough and reusable. Find out More

3 Seat Lounge Cover

3 seater Lounge Cover

Dimensions: 1820 x 3050mm

Protect your couch from dirt dust and water while moving or in storage and ensure that you use a Lounge cover. Easy to Slide over your Furniture our 3 seat lounge cover will keep your couch in great shape. Find out More

2 Seat Lounge Cover

2 Seater Lounge Cover

Dimensions: 1950 x 1600mm

Ensure that your lounge is protected from dust and water while moving and when in storage and use a Loung cover. Easy to slide on and durable, our lounge covers will help keep you couch in good condition. Find out More

Tape Applicator

Tape Dispenser – Deluxe

For anyone who wants to get the most out of the adhesive power of Fort Knox Storage’s clear packaging tape. The deluxe packing tape dispenser has a long life and is extremely durable for multiple packing. Find out More

Stanley Knives

Packing Knives

Packing Knives can be an invaluable accessory when unpacking a large number of taped up cardboard boxes. Packing knives can also be used when taping boxes to cut the adhesive tape when moving or storing items. Find out More

Marker PenPermanent Markers

When moving or storing items, it is important that they are organised in a manner that they can be easily retrieved at a later date. A permanent marker can be a valuable purchase allowing for boxes to be easily marked for unpacking at a later date. Find out More

Woven White Storage BagsWoven White Storage Bags

Dimensions: 600 x 500 x 300mm

Woven storage bags save on large amounts of space and provide extensive protection for items such as clothing, towels and sheets. Woven storage bags are reusable, easy to use and store. Find out More

Butchers Paper

Butchers Paper – 50 Sheets/per Roll

Butchers paper is an essential storage material for use when storing or moving a number of different items. Use butchers paper to wrap items to prevent from damage or breakages during transit or storage. Find out More

Tissue  Paper

Tissue paper Rolls of 30 Sheets 64 cm x 40 cm

Tissue paper is a must when packing your fragile Glassware and China. It is for the discerning packer who wants to pack with confidence knowing that those valuable personal treasures will survive the move safely. Find out More

Butchers Paper

Moving packages

Take care of all your box and packing material needs in one go with a pre-prepared package. We offer a range of packages to suit any sized move.

NOTE - Stock may vary by location, contact your preferred location manager for details.

In addition to the above box items Fort Knox stocks a range of boxes for moving including Large Boxes - Tea Chests, Small Boxes - Books and Wine, Flat Packs, Cube Cartons, Wine Cartons, Picture Cartons

Fort Knox has developed a handy web specials price list to enable you to easily and cost effectively order your boxes, packing and packaging supplies when undertaking your next move.

View Fort Knox Packing Supplies Order Form »

Packaging Guide and Ordering

If you know what packing and packaging boxes and supplies you require for your move, and are ready to order, then view our full list of packing and packaging boxes, cartons, portable wardrobes and supplies, and simply place an supplies order with your local Fort Knox Storage Solution facility.

Fort Knox offers a range of stocked boxes, packing and packaging supplies. With a large range of cardboard boxes from general packing boxes, port a robes, heavy duty tea chests, cartons to book/DVD packaging, we have the packing and packaging supplies that you need to make packing as easy and stress free as possible.

Packing & Packaging Supplies Checklist »

Not Sure What You Will Need? Then Contact Us

If you are not sure what your requirements are, and you need some helpful advice, then please contact us and one of our friendly storage site managers would be happy to assist.

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