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Packing & Packaging Guide

Need Advice on How to Pack for Your Upcoming Removal?

Moving is known to be one of the most stressful events of a person's life, so if you plan your move early, and ensure that you use effective packaging supplies and materials to avoid breakages of your most treasured possessions, you can eliminate many of the more common stresses associated with moving.

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12 tips to guide you to a stress free move:

  1. Order your packing supplies early and allocate them in advance to specific rooms – remember you can label these boxes in advance and have them ready to go. Make sure that you order enough packing supplies to accommodate all of your needs so that you are not left short at the last minute. Contact Fort Knox for advice if you are having any concerns.

  2. To break such a big job into smaller more manageable jobs, start packing in advance what you don't use and need on a daily basis. Remember that these are probably the same items that you can also unpack last and can be labled accordingly.

  3. Pack room by room and label each box with a full description of the contents, and the room destination. When labelling boxes, be as specific as you can, to make unpacking easier. Be sure to label the fragile boxes clearly.

  4. Tape the bottom and top of each carton and do not interlock the top and bottom flaps. Also take extra care to make sure the bottoms of all cartons are secured and will hold the weight of the contents. We recommend 2-3 thicknesses of packing tape depending on the final weight of the box. Also make sure to seal the top with tape to prevent damage and make storage easier.

  5. Select the appropriate type of box or carton for items. For heavier items like books, wine, and tinned food, use smaller boxes and cartons such as book cartons. Some larger and more fragile items such as mirrors, televisions, plasmas, computers etc may require special cartons or wrapping which Fort Knox can also provide.

  6. Try to pack heavier items first so that they sit at the bottom of the box and then lighter items towards the top. Where possible, try to line the bottom of a fragile carton with padding of some kind. You can use bubble wrap, packing paper, etc for this or you can also use items such as bath towels, tea towels, linen, pillows, etc to pad breakable items.

  7. Very breakable items should be wrapped individually in packing paper or bubble wrap. When packing glassware and/or china make sure there is sufficient padding at the top and bottom of the box as well as around the items. A simple packing ratio for fragile items is to try to incorporate 2/3 of the contents as the fragile items and 1/3 of the contents as padding.

  8. Make sure that you correctly fill cartons. Do not overfill boxes as items will be inclined to fall out and are not well protected if protruding from the carton. Consider the overall weight of a carton should try not to exceed a weight that is possible to lift by an adult. Another an estimation that you can use for this, limit the total weight of a box to that similar to airplane luggage specifications, which is usually about 20-25 kg.

  9. Pack small left over spaces in boxes with items such as tea towels, underwear, soft items, etc to avoid the box contents moving during transit. In addition to keeping items stable, this will allow provide further padding to the items as they are in transit.

  10. Mark your boxes on their sides as well as tops so that no matter how you store them you can still see what is in them. Tape a list of contents onto the side and top of your boxes for easy retrieval of goods. For those that are organised, maintain a master list of box numbers and items in that box for easy retrieval of goods and to ensure that if a list of contents comes off you can easily find the box number for the item/s that you are wanting to retrieve.

  11. If you disassemble any furniture,  beds, etc then  firstly label  any nuts, bolts, fasteners with a marker pen with which end and side they came from  e.g. Left Front and place in a psecurable plastic bag which is clearly labelled,  and then tape or tie it to the item it came from. Also Remove the turntable plate from your microwave and tape the miscrowave door shut.

  12. Clear a room preferably close to the  garage or a room close to the exit door to stack all packed boxes. This will help to assess what is still left to pack, and help to calculate the size of removalist truck you will need . In addition it will be quicker and easier to remove the cartons from the house.

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Not Sure What Packing and Packaging Supplies You Need?

If you are not sure what your packing and packaging requirements are, or your need to make an enquiry in relation to self storage needs for your packed items, then please contact us and one of our friendly storage site managers would be happy to provide you with helpful advice.

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