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Furniture Storage Tips

15 Best Furniture & Equipment Self Storage Stacking Tips

When storing your goods in your self storage unit there are some simple tips that will help you in accessing items in the future, and maintaining the condition of the stored goods whilst in storage:

  1. Start with objects you know you definitely will not need and are heaviest.
  2. Place the heaviest, least used items to the bottom and rear of the storage unit.
  3. Place large, solid items into your storage space first so that you can then stack on top.
  4. Try to stack smaller boxes and other smaller items on top of large stable items.
  5. Stand long items on their side if possible and try to use the height of the unit to its full potential.
  6. If you are storing wardrobes, entertainment units, or similar type items, then use the space inside of these to stack breakable items, smaller boxes and bags so that you use less space.
  7. Use one side wall of the space to stack boxes only and stack these as high as possible.
  8. Defrost your fridge well before you move it to avoid water damage. When storing your fridge ensure that you leave the door wedged open as this will allow air flow and prevent mildew build up.
  9. When storing a fridge or freezer, leave the doors open.
  10. Try to stack any items that you may want to access at the front of the storage unit.
  11. Use mothballs to protect any material items including clothing and linen.
  12. Try not to store food items that are not canned or bottled.
  13. Do not store perishables, flammable or illegal items.
  14. If you do store lawn mowers or motorbikes empty the petrol and oil first.
  15. Anything you are likely to want to get access to often, or access during the time that you have the items stored, should be placed either at, or near the front of the storage unit.

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